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The app costs $5.99 straight up with no bullcrap.


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iOS 17 or higher

Currently only available for iPhone and iPad (Android to come later). Note requires iOS 17 or higher.

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About the App

I've coached soccer in the U.S. for over 15 years and hundreds of you helped me develop the formations on this web site. The same formations are in the app. You can see all the formations on this web site before you purchase the app.

Hassle-Free One-Time Purchase
  • No in-app purchases
  • No feature limitations
  • No subscriptions
  • No expiration

You can use this app season after season without having to pay for any future updates.

Not sure about it?
Checkout the screenshots below or click on the "Download on the App Store" button to see the app store previews.

Specific App Features
  • Dark Mode Preview
  • Create one or more teams, there's no limit.
  • For each team you can add your roster of players, again there's no limit.
  • Enter the player's name, jersey number, and select a player photo from your photo library.
  • Add the game schedule for your team(s).
  • Select a formation for each game and add up to 4 lineups per game i.e. helpful for youth divisions playing 4 quarters.
  • Assign your players to a position as a starter or substitute. You can toggle substitutes on/off.
  • Share your game lineups as images.
  • IMPORTANT: you cannot customized formations like you can in some other apps. The layouts for each formation in my app are perfect (in my opinion), this is the reason why you can't customize formations in my app.
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